Jul 28 2020

Valve Index Unboxing and First Impressions

Feb 26 2020

Tips to future-proof a PC build?

I was browsing a Facebook group that I frequent and saw an excellent question from someone who wanted to know if there was anything that could be done to future-proof a PC build while going through the planning stages. I thought this was an excellent question so I had a few thoughts on the matter. Read More >>

Jul 22 2019

@CpgeekDeals on twitter!

For the past week or so I’ve been doing some research into tech deals and where to find them, how to suss them out, etc. and thought about how to get them out to my fellow geeks out there, and figured that twitter had a good following with integrated opportunity for sharing and conversation so last night I soft-launched @CpgeekDeals with a few awesome deals I was able to find, and will be updating every couple of days or so with more as I find them.  Please check it out and follow if you’re interested in saving some cash on some of the latest and greatest tech gear and services!  Tell your friends!


May 5 2019

Unboxing and First Impressions of the Raeisusp DC Drive Cable / USB Power Adapter for Panasonic G85 / G7

This is just a quick unboxing of my new USB power cable and adapter for my new Panasonic G85 micro four thirds camera. This should enable me to keep it powered all day while I’m in the studio, and with the help of my Imuto battery bank (see previous video), it should help keep my camera powered for several hours of recording out in the field as well!

If you’re interested, please check it out on amazon, using this link to buy this product (or any other on amazon) really helps the channel quite a bit, so I’d thank you to give it a click!

Imuto battery unboxing and first impressions video:

Imuto battery amazon link:

Apr 30 2019

My IBM Model M keyboard finally getting the maintenance it deserves after 30 years of service. (pictorial)

I own an IBM Model M keyboard. It’s easily (by orders of magnitude) the oldest component that makes up my workstation, but due to it’s wonderfully tactile precision, it is certainly my favorite keyboard of all time and despite it’s age, still serves me every single day as my primary desktop input device. However (there’s always a however), I’m confident that beyond some light surface cleaning and disinfecting, it had never been properly cleaned.